Miriam Eichmann December 2017

2017 was a watershed moment which led me to the door of Nutrition Care. 

After feeling unwell for years, classified as obese, with several health issues and an unacceptable level of stress in my life, I decided it was time to do something if I wanted to see my grandchildren grow up.

Under the care of Cathy, I have learnt to moderate my food intake, what I need to eat more of and less of, how to read those endless labels and how to make better choices when dining out.

I now have energy, have lost weight, my health issues are under control and best of all have gained more confidence.

I highly recommend the team at Nutrition Care for support in your journey to well being.

K & M

At our first meeting we listened attentively to what Cathy (who has now retired from private practice) had to say and when we left looked at each other and said: “How is that going to work??”  We decided that Cathy had said “it’s not about losing weight it’s about nutrition” and so we decided to follow the advice.

We took a plan together for 4 months and over that time we have heard nothing but positive comments especially when we were feeling negative about something.  Cathy has a special way of explaining things to you.  If like us, you have been a yo-yo dieter or found that nothing else works for you, I would recommend that you visit the Nutrition Care team.

This was a completely new approach to health for us as we concentrated on the nutritional benefits of food rather than the weight loss and it has worked! Together we have lost a total of 15kg . This weight loss will continue as we have now been trained in proper eating habits, not for weight loss but for health, and we feel so much better for it.

November 2017

Craig Hughes

As Occupational Health Advisor for Solid Energy New Zealand in 2007 (based at Huntly East Coal Mine) we ran a wellness programme for staff at all three of the Huntly sites modeled on the TV program “The Biggest Loser.” I invited the dietitians from Nutrition Care along for the ride.

From the outset the dietitians at Nutrition Care were invaluable in assisting with planning and monitoring the competitors in the programme. They developed successful healthy eating plans for guys to whom salad was a dirty word, were well regarded by everyone they were working with and enjoyed great success over the 4 month competition.

One year on from the Biggest Loser and the majority of competitors still continued to follow advice and methods given to them by Cathy and Nutrition Care. I have also referred others to them on a one on one basis for a variety of health reasons.

Fiona Scott

After suffering stomach cramps, diarrhoea and significant weight loss for over 12 months, I was feeling anxious and needed some help. I found Cathy's telephone number in a healthy eating magazine and made a call that made a huge difference to my life.

I am so grateful to Cathy for her help. I have learnt so much about food and now feel that I am equipped with the tools to make the necessary adjustments to my diet if I find a certain food isn't agreeing with me.  Best of all, I feel as though I have regained my equilibrium.

Kevin O'Brien

I started with Niki at Nutrition Care in September 2012 and have lost 20kg since that time (about 5 months). Niki has an ability to work around your personal traits and gradually change your lifestyle habits in a way that allows you to enjoy the things you have always enjoyed but to do so with moderation and an understanding of the impacts of poor diet.

I am now able to exercise as hard as I want and I am certainly reaping the benefits of being more active with my kids and more energy and drive at work.


I first visited Cathy in September 2014, after a referral from my doctor to see if dietary changes rather than medication could improve some health concerns. From the very first consultation, Cathy was professional, pragmatic, compassionate and supportive.

I recall her words, ‘There’s no such thing as right food or wrong food, we’re here to work out which foods work best for you’.

After three months, all the health indicators in the ‘concerning’ range were either within or close to ‘normal’ range.

After six months, my biological age had reduced by 11 years – I’m now 5 year’s younger biologically than my ‘real’ age!

After nine months with Cathy, I’m now happy, healthy, vibrant, 20 kgs lighter and thoroughly enjoying my improved lifestyle.

Celeste Duston

Niki was non-judgemental, supportive and full of great advice to help me get my weight down. The best thing was that I did not have to dramatically change what I was already eating. Just a few small changes saved me 500 calories a day! I dropped 7 kg quite easily & wasn’t hungry all the time. I look forward to continuing my weight loss journey with all the knowledge that Niki has provided me.