Sandra Clarke

Like most of us on New Years Eve, it was time to evaluate what my new years resolutions would be. On 1 January, I decided this year I would lose weight. I had spent the last two years comfort eating due to the sudden death of my son. I was over weight, depressed and unfit.

I returned from the beach, called all the weight loss organizations and asked them why would I use their organisation and how would their programme give me weight loss that would last for the rest of my life. They all had their relevant reasons.

When I called Nutrition Care and spoke to Cathy Khouri I was extremely impressed with what she said. Cathy was friendly, informative and left a lasting impression on me. (Cathy has now retired from private practice)

However like most New Years resolutions it took me six months to do anything about it. In June, my birthday month, my husband asked what I would like for the big occasion. A trip to Nutrition Care of course! This was a life-changing gift, which I am still enjoying to this day.

July 13th was my first appointment with Nutrition Care I will never forget the date. There was an initial one hour consultation which we discussed my general health and weight history, my life style, family situation and my general likes and dislikes of food. Cathy also considered my husbands nutritional requirements, which made cooking for us so much easier. I was weighed, measured and my BMI was assessed. Cathy gave me food and portion advice, recipes and got me recording daily food intake.

Initially I would visit weekly then fortnightly or monthly depending on my needs and the support I required. My weight reduced at steady rate, not large losses but enough to make a little bit of difference to your clothes each week. Enough to keep weight off permanently without the yoyo effect of some diets. It didn’t take long before people began to notice and within 4 months I had dropped from a size 16 – 14 to a comfortable 12. I also took up walking 3-5 days a week, which was encouraged by Cathy.

People began to comment that I looked healthier; my skin was nicer and they thought I looked younger. My hair, which was very grey, began to grow black healthy new growth – amazingly. I began to feel fitter and healthier than I had for years. After two years I have maintained my weight loss and my new eating regime is now just part of my life.

I found Cathy a very real person who was supportive at all times. She is firm when it is necessary to keep you on track but empathetic when the going gets tough. Her absolute passion for her profession and years of experience are obvious and her knowledge is invaluable. Cathy’s encouragement, handy tips, fabulous recipes and genuine caring attitude made the whole experience painless and pleasant.

‘Nutrition Care’ comes highly recommend by me, I believe if you are serious about losing weight and follow their advice, you will maintain your weight loss permanently and live a happy healthy life."