K & M

At our first meeting we listened attentively to what Cathy (who has now retired from private practice) had to say and when we left looked at each other and said: “How is that going to work??”  We decided that Cathy had said “it’s not about losing weight it’s about nutrition” and so we decided to follow the advice.

We took a plan together for 4 months and over that time we have heard nothing but positive comments especially when we were feeling negative about something.  Cathy has a special way of explaining things to you.  If like us, you have been a yo-yo dieter or found that nothing else works for you, I would recommend that you visit the Nutrition Care team.

This was a completely new approach to health for us as we concentrated on the nutritional benefits of food rather than the weight loss and it has worked! Together we have lost a total of 15kg . This weight loss will continue as we have now been trained in proper eating habits, not for weight loss but for health, and we feel so much better for it.

November 2017