I first visited Cathy (now retired from private practice) in September 2014, after a referral from my doctor to see if dietary changes rather than medication could improve some health concerns. From the very first consultation, Cathy was professional, pragmatic, compassionate and supportive.

I recall her words, ‘There’s no such thing as right food or wrong food, we’re here to work out which foods work best for you’.

To my surprise, her advice was to eat more of many of the food groups I’d been intentionally limiting; dairy, protein and fruit. Along with a clear meal and exercise plan. After just two weeks, my overall health and well-being had improved significantly, including:

  • MUCH more energy – feeling vibrant, focused, motivated, energetic and capable… chores were suddenly effortless…

  • The after-work walks with my son, and my overall improved health meant that I was already experiencing much more quality time with my son – we were playing together more, talking together more, and getting on better than ever before.

  • I was always feeling full and satisfied – no hunger pangs which I used to get several times a day.

  • My complexion was clearer, and my hair was shinier and ‘fuller’, my eyes were clearer and brighter.

  • Backaches, sticky joints and carpal tunnel in my hands and forearms had disappeared.

  • I was smoking less!

  • My sleep quality had improved no end – it was a wonderful experience to be sleeping through the night for the first time in over 15 years….

After a month, there were also very noticeable positive effects on my budget. By buying and eating seasonal fresh foods and wholefoods, and never feeling hungry so no longer needing ‘snacks’ or ‘treats’, plus ditching the supplements, I’d saved over $120 a month!

After three months, all the health indicators in the ‘concerning’ range were either within or close to ‘normal’ range.

After six months, my biological age had reduced by 11 years – I’m now 5 year’s younger biologically than my ‘real’ age!

After nine months with Cathy, I’m now happy, healthy, vibrant, 20 kgs lighter and thoroughly enjoying my improved lifestyle.