Fiona Scott

After suffering stomach cramps, diarrhoea and significant weight loss for over 12 months, I was feeling anxious and needed some help.

Relevant medical tests had been undertaken, showing nothing significant.  But still the symptoms persisted.

I found Nutrition Care’s telephone number in a healthy eating magazine and made a call that made a huge difference to my life.

Cathy's (who has now retired from private practice) recognition of my symptoms was such a relief.  Calmly, she set about drawing up a plan for the way forward for me.  I was given lists of food I couldn't eat and more importantly lists of food that were safe for me to eat.  My symptoms abated almost immediately. Slowly I have been able to add more food families into my diet and have started a steady weight gain.

I am so grateful to Cathy for her help.  I would recommend that anyone suffering with my symptoms contact her.  I have learnt so much about food and now feel that I am equipped with the tools to make the necessary adjustments to my diet if I find a certain food isn't agreeing with me.  Best of all, I feel as though I have regained my equilibrium.