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We only give you advice that is backed by evidence and up to date. This advice never comes out of a box: we learn about you and your lifestyle to give you habits that you will be able to maintain. To help implement these strategies, we provide you with ongoing support so that the changes stick! 

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The Team


rachel conway

Rachel is a Registered Dietitian and nutrition consultant at Nutrition Care Ltd. Rachel has worked across a wide range of dietetic specialties and has special interest in:

-          Weight management

-          Diabetes

-          Heart Disease

-          Gut Disorders

-          Bariatric Surgery

-          Pregnancy

-          Malnutrition

Rachel is an experienced contractor to ACC across their range of programmes. She can provide full dietetic service to aged care facilities. She is also available to deliver nutrition education sessions to private entities.

In addition, Rachel is an endorsed Dietitian prescriber and is studying to specialise in the dietary management of IBS through MONASH University.


Niki Russell

Niki is a Registered Dietitian and is the business owner of Nutrition Care Ltd. Niki has worked in New Zealand and overseas as a dietitian in clinical nutrition and food service management. She works across a wide range of dietetic specialties including:

  • Nutrition for the older person and provides a nutrition advisory service to rest homes and hospitals.

  • Diabetes, heart disease, weight management

Niki has worked closely with medical centres to provide the nutrition consultancy as part of their diabetes management programmes in primary care. She delivers nutrition education sessions to local organisations such as Disability Support Services and Barnados.  She is requested by industry to deliver nutrition and wellness seminars to their staff.

Niki provides dietitian consultancy services to ACC through an ACC provider. She is a dietitian prescriber.

Niki is interviewed by media on current nutrition topics.


Kim Abbott

Kim is a Registered Dietitian and works as a sports nutrition consultant at Nutrition Care Ltd. Kim has successfully completed the sport nutrition course with Sports Dietitians Australia in 2015. She also works as a Sports Dietitian with the Waikato Rugby Union (WRU) and is a lecturer at Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) in the Centre for Sports Science and Human Performance where she has completed her Masters  in Sports Nutrition. 

In addition Kim is a guest lecturer for University of Otago Dietetic Programme for postgraduate students. She has worked in the fitness industry for the past 20 years. Kim participates in a number of sports including long distance running . Most recently she completed the Hamilton, Huntly and Auckland half marathons.

Dietitian vs. Nutritionist: What's the difference?


A Dietitian is a registered health professional who meets standards of professionalism required by the NZ Dietitians Board under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act, who has an accredited undergraduate science degree in human nutrition, as well as a Masters or Post-graduate Diploma in Dietetics.

Dietitians use effective nutritional management strategies, based upon current scientific evidence, to help individuals or groups to improve their health. Dietitians work within a specified Scope of Practice, adhere to a Code of Ethics, meet Registration Competency Requirements,  participate in a Continuing Competency Programand undergo regular auditing in order to maintain their practising certificate and to be able to legally call themselves a New Zealand Registered Dietitian.


In New Zealand, to date, there is no legal regulation or control over the use of the title of Nutritionist. However, the title of Registered Nutritionist can only be used by those who meet the standards determined by The Nutrition Society of New Zealand.