Weight Loss

Kevin O'Brien

I started with Niki at Nutrition Care in September 2012 and have lost 20kg since that time (about 5 months). Niki has an ability to work around your personal traits and gradually change your lifestyle habits in a way that allows you to enjoy the things you have always enjoyed but to do so with moderation and an understanding of the impacts of poor diet.

I am now able to exercise as hard as I want and I am certainly reaping the benefits of being more active with my kids and more energy and drive at work.

Celeste Duston

Niki was non-judgemental, supportive and full of great advice to help me get my weight down. The best thing was that I did not have to dramatically change what I was already eating. Just a few small changes saved me 500 calories a day! I dropped 7 kg quite easily & wasn’t hungry all the time. I look forward to continuing my weight loss journey with all the knowledge that Niki has provided me.