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Craig Hughes

As Occupational Health Advisor for Solid Energy New Zealand in 2007 (based at Huntly East Coal Mine) we ran a wellness programme for staff at all three of the Huntly sites modeled on the TV program “The Biggest Loser.” I invited the dietitians from Nutrition Care along for the ride.

From the outset the dietitians at Nutrition Care were invaluable in assisting with planning and monitoring the competitors in the programme. They developed successful healthy eating plans for guys to whom salad was a dirty word, were well regarded by everyone they were working with and enjoyed great success over the 4 month competition.

One year on from the Biggest Loser and the majority of competitors still continued to follow advice and methods given to them by Cathy and Nutrition Care. I have also referred others to them on a one on one basis for a variety of health reasons.