The Weight is Over

We will help you and your partner make sustainable changes in your lifestyle to stay healthy for life.

✶ Do you feel like you “should do something” about your health but haven’t gotten around to it?

✶ Worried about your partner’s health—high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, high cholesterol? 

✶ Do you want to have more energy to do the things in life that make it worth living? 

✶ Have you tried diets and been left disappointed or struggled to maintain the weight loss? 


We’ll help you and your partner create permanent, sustainable habit change to stay healthy for the long term.


Our programme will set you up with...


Sustainable habits & Understanding

You will understand how the food you eat affects your energy and wellbeing.

You will understand how to create sustainable habit change—even when “life gets in the way.”

You will understand what healthy looks like for you.

physical activity that you love and can maintain

You will find physical activity that you can fit into your busy life and that you enjoy.

You will learn how to make your exercise habits sustainable even if you fall off the wagon. 


A kickstart towards healthy, Balanced eating

You will be set up with a variety of meal ideas that give you room to enjoy the finer things in life.

You will have heaps of delicious convenient recipes that make it easier to stick to your guns than to grab a donut on the run. 

You'll understand what healthy eating looks like for your lifestyle There are no fad diets here. 

‘Nutrition Care’ comes highly recommended by me. I believe if you are serious about losing weight and follow their advice, you will maintain your weight loss permanently and live a happy healthy life.
— Sandra Clarke

Ready to lay the foundations
for your healthy future?

Start Your Healthiest Life ➡

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Full Programme Details


Do you want to set up the foundation for healthy living for years to come? 

We have developed and tested an evidence based programme designed to manage weight and health for the long term, even when life gets in the way.

Sustainable, healthy living is here for you and your partner now  if you want it. 


Your 8 sessions—what do you get?

1. Wellness check and SMART goals.

We do a full assessment to show you where your nutrition is at. Based on these results we help you set goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-based.

2. Mindful eating

A slower, more thoughtful approach to eating makes a huge difference to the satisfaction you get from your food. We help get you started.

3. Food labels – what can you believe?

We'll help you understand what to look for on food labels, and when you're food shopping, which fresh foods to look for.

4. Activity and hydration guide

Discussion about activity appropriate for you. What fluids are best and how much?

5. Eating Out

Recommendations on what to choose from menus when you are enjoying social time with family and friends or work colleagues; and habits to change when eating out to help you achieve your goals.

6. Meal and snack ideas

Comprehensive ideas for meals over the week and appropriate snacks to keep you on track and feeling full.

7. Fats, the good and the bad

Which fats are healthy, how to balance your fat intake for optimal results.

8. Helpful hints

We'll set you up with resources like apps, websites and recipes that will empower you to continue your healthy journey beyond the programme.


Ready to lay the foundations
for your healthy future?

Start Your Healthiest Life ➡

This is a limited capacity promotion so get in quick—space will not last!

I did not have to dramatically change what I was already eating. Just a few small changes saved me 500 calories a day! I dropped 7 kg quite easily & wasn’t hungry all the time. I look forward to continuing my weight loss journey with all the knowledge that Niki has provided me.
— Celeste Duston
I started with Niki at Nutrition Care in September 2012 and lost 20kg in about 5 months.

Niki has an ability to work around your personal traits and gradually change your lifestyle habits in a way that allows you to enjoy the things you have always enjoyed but to do so with moderation and understanding.
— Kevin O'Brien

“But losing weight is hard, isn’t it?
I’ve tried diets before…”


It’s really normal to have trouble keeping the weight off. We’re plagued by bad information, fad diets, and “quick fixes.” Not to mention, sometimes “life gets in the way” and it can feel like you are taking two steps back for every step forward. 

We are the experts in sustainable weight management and healthy living. Here is why The Weight is Over can help you and your partner, where other approaches might have failed.

1. Stronger Together.

We work with both you and your partner together. When you are both working towards the same goal, it is easier to manage mealtimes and support the activities and lifestyle that you both enjoy. 

2. Personalized for you.

Healthy living is different for everybody. We think that if you have to give up a cheeky sav with your friends or your favourite cheesecake, then you might be “healthy” but you’re not living! We will help you maintain your progress by fitting it around your favourite things. 

3. Solid Accountability

We help you set achievable goals and check in with you over 8 sessions over 4 months. If you or your partner miss your targets, we use that as an opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t and make sensible changes to your strategy.

4. We give you tools to help yourself

We help you understand how your nutrition affects your energy, weight and general wellbeing. We help you understand what the labels on food really mean and give you heaps of really useful tools and recipes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

5. We're really good at what we do.

In a 2010 study run by AUT, 96% of participants lost weight working with Nutrition Care. And if that’s not enough, you can hear directly from our customers below or over in our Testimonials page.

From the very first consultation, Cathy was professional, pragmatic, compassionate and supportive. I recall her words, ‘There’s no such thing as right food or wrong food, we’re here to work out which foods work best for you’.

After three months, all the health indicators in the ‘concerning’ range were either within or close to ‘normal’ range.

After six months, my biological age had reduced by 11 years – I’m now 5 year’s younger biologically than my ‘real’ age!

After nine months with Cathy, I’m now happy, healthy, vibrant, 20 kgs lighter and thoroughly enjoying my improved lifestyle.
— Helene

Ready to lay the foundations
for your healthy future?

Start Your Healthiest Life ➡

This is a limited capacity promotion so get in quick—space will not last!