Does your New Year’s resolution include a healthier you?

10 tips for a healthier you:

  1. Award your health priority  
  2. Make a simple change to your eating pattern such as ‘Have breakfast every day’. Write it down under “MY HEALTH is my top priority” Once that is second nature make another change – list that underneath the first change
  3. Create a regular eating pattern – have three meals per day. Avoid skipping meals to compensate for overindulging at that party the night before. Instead have a lighter meal not no meal
  4. Practice mindful eating – Eating with intention and attention, one simple change could be ‘Eat your evening meal sitting down and NO screens on’. Involve your family 
  5. Increase your activity, be active most days of the week. Walking the dog, biking, Zumba classes, backyard cricket. Anything you enjoy 
  6. Ensure you have the facts, don’t be side tracked by myths
  7. Eating out…Request sauces and dressings to be placed‘on the side’. You can enjoy the meal without adding a lot of extra energy on top.
  8. Ramp up your fibre intake by choosinggrainy bread, brown rice (it’s delicious) and wholemeal flour in baking (I use ½ wholemeal and ½ white for most baking especiallyChristmas cake)
  9. Enjoy Christmas and New Year parties – don’t miss the festivities but compensate for extra energy intake by extending your walk or being more careful about portion sizes
  10. Alcohol – keep your intake in check by drinking sparkling water with lime/lemon juice after a glass of wine. Keep the situation under control by planning ahead – offer to be the driver so you don’t drink.

 Here’s looking forward to more positive messages about eating changes in 2016. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.